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Why A Restaurant Membership?

You want to grow your business. We've got your back.

We’re the Restaurant Association of Maryland, a trade organization of 2,000 member restaurants. We're here to protect your business and help it grow. Together, we are the voice of the industry.



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Achieving profitability in the state of Maryland can be a challenge. Business costs are rising and new regulations always seem to be on the horizon. The Restaurant Association of Maryland is here to advocate for your interests at the state and local government levels, promote your business through unique culinary events and partnerships and connect you with like-minded industry professionals.

Here's a snapshot of the benefits you will gain by being a member:


Government Affairs

Together, we are the voice of the industry.
We fight for your interests and answer your difficult questions. RAM and its members lobby lawmakers to influence decisions and defeat legislation that is harmful to our industry. This ensures you have the shortest route possible to profitability.
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Cost-Saving Programs with restaurant membership

Vendors offer members-only programs. You get low rates.
RAM’s Cost Saving Programs deliver group purchasing power for services such as insurance, payroll, and payment processing. With more money in your pocket, you'll have more to invest back into your business.
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Food Safety Training

food safety training

We're your one-stop training resources at exclusive members prices.
The Restaurant Association of Maryland Education Foundation offers superior ServSafe, Alcohol Awareness and other classes at our training facilities. Private classes at your business are also available.
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Free Help Hotline

Legal advice and assistance for restaurants and restaurant owners

Call us for legal advice and assistance dealing with government offices.
Lawyers are expensive and you may not need one. If we can't answer your question our endorsed law firm, Franklin & Prokopik, offers free initial member consultations.

RAM is a thriving business community where foodservice owners and operators build relationships and support each other. As a member, you'll get to attend exclusive networking meet-ups and seminars, showcase your food at high profile events and celebrate with us at the Stars of the Industry Awards Gala and other fun events. 

And there’s more:

  - List your restaurant and specials in our online Dining Guide and Dine Out, Maryland! e-newsletter
  - Accept Dine Out, Maryland! gift certificates to attract customers
  - Receive our Member Newsletter and legislative alerts about new laws and trends

For as little as $10 per week, kick-start your membership now.


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