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How to Calculate Your FTEs
The ACA requires that full time equivalent employees (FTEs) from ALL of your businesses be added together to determine if you have to offer health insurance. This video explains the new "Common Control" rule, how to classify your part time vs. full time employees and how to calculate FTEs.

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Endorsed Programs
Measurement & Stability Period In 2015, the ACA requires businesses with 50-99 FTEs to collect and report employee data for the federal government. This video shows you how to conduct the required "Measurement" and "Stability Periods."

Government Affairs
MD Minimum Wage Increases Recent changes in Maryland's state minimum wage, as well as changes in Montgomery and PG County, make it difficult for businesses to stay in compliance. This video explains the wage changes and how to comply.

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Recruiting Trustworthy Staff It can be particularly challenging for restaurants to find skilled workers who can be trusted to stay with the company. Fred Noble from Patrice & Associates presents ways to identify red flags during the hiring process.


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Impact Report: $15 Minimum Wage in Baltimore, Maryland

This report estimates that 3,500 jobs would be lost in Baltimore City if the minimum wage is raised to  $15 per hour. Labor economists William Even of Miami University and David Macpherson of Trinity University follow the methodology developed by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.


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Quick Guide - Maryland Workers' Comp Law (Feb. 2013)

A brief overview of Maryland workers' compensation law
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Extensive Guide - Maryland Workers' Comp Law (Feb. 2013)

An extensive overview of Maryland workers' compensation law


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Poster - Tipped Employee Wage Deduction Notice Poster

Maryland law requires this poster to be posted in the workplace.

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Fact Sheet - Retail & Restaurant Employer – Federal Fair Labor Standards Act

This fact sheet provides general information concerning the application of the FLSA to employees of the retail industry, including characteristics of a retail establishment, ways retail establishments are covered by the act, the standards establishments are required to meet, and typical problems employers have meeting these requirements.


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Regulatory Alert - Gluten Free Regulations

FDA regulations require all restaurants and packaged food manufacturers to meet a standardized definition if they choose to use the term “gluten-free” (or variations of the term) for menu items or food packaging.
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Regulatory Alert - IRS Guidance on Tips vs Service Charges *Coming Soon*

According to federal law, a tip voluntarily paid by a customer is distinguished from a mandatory charge imposed upon the customer. Service charges that get distributed to employees are treated as wages under federal law. However, a compulsory service charge cannot be counted as a tip credit. This document helps clarify the differences so that you are complying with federal law.
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Regulatory Alert - New I-9 Form Notification *Coming Soon*


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Glossary - Estate Planning Terminology (Feb 2012)

A brief guide to the Terminology of Estate Planning and Administration
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Overview - Probate Process (Feb 2012)

“Probate” refers to the court supervised administration of an estate. This document outlines terms, fees, and steps that should be taken shortly after a death to protect the decedent’s assets.

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Quick Guide - Bankruptcy (Feb 2012)

Guide to terms you’ll need to know when proceeding through a bankruptcy, such as types of cases, automatic stay, post-bankruptcy collection activities, wage garnishments, mechanics liens, filing a proof of claim, and other information.
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Checklist – Bankruptcy (Feb 2012)

A checklist on how best to proceed through a bankruptcy claim, including entering an appearance on the case, what to do when the debtor owes you money, what to do when you are holding the debtors property, how to do business with a bankrupt entity, and other information.


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Checklist – Starting & Operating a New Business (Feb 2012)

Convenient “to do” list including pre-information considerations (non-compete, estate planning, corporate structure), forming the entity (name availability, formation documents, tax ID, corporate governance documents), and operating on an ongoing basis.
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Press Release - Montgomery County Recipes for Success

Info on the different agencies and permits you will need to open your business. In an effort to streamline the process, the Department of Permitting Services offers a free predesign consultation about Montgomery County’s permitting and licensing processes.
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Extensive Guide - Tort Law (Jan 2013)

Overview of the Maryland court system, how a civil action may be brought upon a business and how to respond.