RAM Alcohol FAQs

list of county liquor control boards link: https://www.marylandrestaurants.com/county-agencies-and-offices

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions we get about the RAM Alcohol Awareness Training and Certification.

What are the regulations for my county in regards to certification?

Every county/jurisdiction in Maryland has its own set of regulations. Liquor Control Boards frequently change their requirements and do not necessarily contact our office to make us aware of those changes.


Please contact your Liquor Control Board directly to confirm your requirements and to get the most accurate information. View a List County Liquor Control Boards and their contact information.


Is RAM Alcohol a new program?

RAM Alcohol was formerly called "Maryland's BEST." The name was changed November 1, 2017. An online training option was also added to the program.


Is my Maryland's BEST certificate still valid?

Yes. Your Maryland's BEST certificate is valid through the expiration date printed on the certificate, or 4 years after your successful completion of the certification exam.


Can I take the training online?

YES! RAM Alcohol offers an online training program. It is the same information that you will receive in a RAM Alcohol class, but you can take the training at your own pace. The online class is 4 hours long. Upon completion of the online training you will still need to take a proctored Certification Exam in person. Check out our Training Calendar to register online for the exam. You must have your completion voucher from the online training in order to take the certification exam. Contact us for additional details.


Can I take the test online?

No. In order to meet the requirements set forth by the Comptroller of Maryland, you must sit for an in-person proctored exam for any alcohol awareness program you take.


How do I register to take the test after I take the online training?

You will take an online post-training assessment at the end of the online training. After you successfully complete that assessment you will receive a "Completion Voucher" which you will need in order to take the final certification exam. Check out our Training Calendar to register online for the exam. You must have your completion voucher from the online training in order to take the certification exam. You can also contact us or an approved RAM Alcohol instructor to arrange to take the certification exam at a different time. The Completion Voucher is valid for 30 days.


How long is my certification good for?

Your Alcohol Awareness certificate is good for 4 years. This is the same for every approved Alcohol Awareness program in Maryland.


Is RAM Alcohol accepted in other states?

No. The RAM Alcohol program was written specifically for the regulations and laws of Maryland. It is not accepted in any other state at this time.


How do I re-certify?

Once your certificate expires, you must take another 4 hour RAM Alcohol course. There is no shorter, re-certification course offered.


Do I have to do all of the training again if I’m only re-certifying?

Yes. You must receive 4 hours of training and take the exam. This is a Maryland state requirement.


How is RAM Alcohol different from TIPS or TAM?

All of these alcohol awareness certification programs are accepted in the state of Maryland. However, RAM Alcohol is the only course that was written and continually updated by industry people in the state of Maryland. The RAM Alcohol course was developed by the Restaurant Association of Maryland which has been serving the industry since 1936.


The RAM Alcohol course contains material that is specific to the laws and regulations in the state of Maryland. Other programs are general so that they are able to meet requirements nationwide. Therefore, the RAM Alcohol program focuses more time on issues specific to Maryland.


When will I receive my certificate?

If you are taking a class offered through the Restaurant Association of Maryland Education Foundation (RAMEF), you will generally receive your certificate the day of the exam. In some cases your certificate will need to be mailed to you after the class. If this happens, it usually takes 3-5 days for you to receive it. If you are taking a class not offered by RAMEF but with a RAM Alcohol approved instructor, your certificates will come from your instructor, not RAMEF. Please contact your instructor directly if you have questions.